About The Course

Quick and Easy Traffic School's course is exactly what our name says it is. You will find this course to be the QUICKEST, EASIEST, MOST AFFORDABLE and HASSLE-FREE way for you to complete your traffic school ANYWHERE. Yes, Quick and Easy is a DMV-licensed defensive driving school program and meets and exceeds all the DMV's requirements. You can fulfill all your traffic school needs without spending 8 hours sitting in a classroom and disrupting your life and you might actually enjoy it!

First - Here's How It All Works

  • Register and pay for the course online...
  • Then, read through the course and click on the quiz answers...
  • Take a final exam of multiple choice questions...
  • Receive your completion receipt via e-mail.

  • And BEST OF ALL - only $18.95!

Why is Quick and Easy's traffic school the easiest?

We developed a superior course for you with the help of one of the nation's top training experts. The course is designed so you can get through the information in the least amount of time allowed by the DMV, while at the same time, learn fascinating and informative facts about our traffic laws that will protect you and your family. To read what our other students have to say about our course, click here.

Why is THIS Traffic School so QUICK for you?

This course is a COMPLETE, EASY-TO-FOLLOW SYSTEM OF ONLY 4 STEPS YOU NEED TO DO FOR YOUR CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION. This doesn't need to be COMPLICATED! Giving you information and educating you for your Certificate of Completion is our job - THAT'S WHY WE MAKE IT EASY AND HASSLE-FREE FOR YOU. We pride ourselves in servicing and protecting you.

Why is this traffic course hassle-free?

We have developed a course that allows you to quickly and easily complete the course and receive your Certificate Of Completion in the least amount of time with little to NO HASSLE.

Our course: meets and surpasses the DMV's requirements, is both educational and entertaining, and is developed to provide maximum retention... MAKING IT EASY FOR YOU TO PASS YOUR TEST!

What is this traffic course like?

The course is only 5 easy to read chapters with a simple, short quiz to complete at the end of each section that reiterates some of the important points in the section. You will have no problem passing these quizzes. It's important to us that you have learned things that could possibly save you or someone in your family from injury.

You will easily and quickly complete the 5 Chapters, within a timeframe you decide is best for you, and then answer a short final test. By the time you get to the final, you should easily know the answers to these questions, and you can refer to your notes and a study guide we provide while you take the test.

Quick and Easy believes so much in how effective our course will be for you - that's why we are COMPLETELY CONFIDENT IN OUR GUARANTEE TO YOU THAT IF YOU ARE NOT COMPLETELY SATISFIED, SIMPLY ASK FOR YOUR MONEY BACK - HASSLE-FREE! (The guarantee applies prior to you having completed the course.)

By answering at least 70% of the final exam questions correctly, you will have passed all your requirements and receive your CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION.

Even if for some reason you did not receive 70% on the short final, you can take the final exam a second time to try and pass.


How do I take the test?

You will take the final exam on your own computer on Quick and Easy's web site after completing all the course work and quizzes.


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